Founded in 1974, SUPERCLEAN has been providing professional and reliable manpower services to its prestigious clientele in almost all sectors of business like banks, manufacturing plants and commercial establishments, as well as residential buildings, schools and hospitals. It offers a wide range of services to suit each customer’s needs, which include:

1) Janitors
2) Utility Men
3) Messengers
4) Receptionists
5) Telephone Operators
6) Warehousemen
7) Elevator Operators
8) Office Doormen
9) Factory and Department Store Staffing
10) Lawn Maintenance and Gardening Services
11) Customer-care Staffing
12) Payroll Manpower Staffing
13) Carpet Shampooing Services
14) One-time General Cleaning Services
15) Other manpower needs (Ex. Hospital Attendants)

Every Superclean Services Corporation employee undergoes a rigid training course with emphasis on efficient cleaning techniques, occupational safety, security regulations and client courtesy. They are rated based on attitude, capacity to learn, cooperativeness, industriousness and punctuality. Only trainees who pass with high marks are made into SSC employees, and posted with its various clients.

The Company has been providing quality manpower for many decades. Its steady growth is due to the untiring efforts of its Management to keep the customer’s manpower demands highly satisfied. Many of its clients have stayed with SSC due to its reliability to get jobs done well, and have consistently given referrals and repeat business. This is a silent testimony of the high-quality of service we give to each client no matter how hard the task. It is the same relentless effort and dedication to keep the quality of service high that customers can always rely on. So whether it be an office or a plant floor, indoor or outdoor services, your manpower needs and working environment can be taken cared of. So why settle for clean, when you can have SUPERCLEAN!

  • Room 403 One Greenhills Shopping Plaza
  • Eisenhower Street, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines 1504
  • Tel: +632-5316990 local 123